Bike Safety Month

Hello Green Lake County residents and visitors,

The month of May is National Bike Safety month and I have been seeing numerous bicycles already out and about in our County. As Sheriff, my staff work directly with the City Police and State Patrol in trying to prevent crashes and responding to incidents where a crash has happened. Concerning bike and pedestrian related traffic, I'll need to ask that you be extra careful as we share our roadways with others, more specifically;
  1. Remember to stop and let people cross the street. The law requires motorists and bicyclists to yield the right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks.
  2. People who walk need to cross at crosswalks, not mid-block or from between parked cars. Walkers and runners should also wear brightly colored clothing, travel against traffic so vehicles see you, also, avoid busy roadways with poor visibility of you. Be Seen!
  3. People who bike and drive need to stop at stop signs, yield when required, and obey all of our traffic laws. The consequences of not doing so are much more hurtful than simply receiving a citation.
  4. Please wear your helmets - enough said.
  5. Watch for people on bikes. Bicycles are legal vehicles under the law and are allowed to operate on nearly all Wisconsin roadways. The law also requires that motorists give at least three (3) feet of clearance when passing someone on a bicycle.
  6. Bikers, is your bike well maintained, lights and reflectors?
  7. Mind the speed limit and make speed adjustments when necessary. A posted speed limit is the maximum allowable speed given perfect conditions. Reducing your speed is necessary when conditions are not perfect or when others are present and using the roadway.
  8. Obey all laws and treat all other road users with courtesy and respect. We are all busy, and yes, slowing down might take a little more time, however, plan ahead and make some exceptions for others.
By working together, and caring about one another's safety, we can all help make our streets and communities more pleasant for everyone.

Sheriff Mark A. Podoll


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