Crime of the Week - St. Michaels Cemetery Vandalism


  During the weekend of December 28th-29th, 2014, Friday to Sunday, subjects unknown intentionally damaged grave stones and burial markers at St. Michaels Cemetery in the City of Berlin. Approximately 6 grave markers were tipped over or dislodged from their base causing damage.

   Green Lake County Crime Stoppers is seeking the names, date, time, and reason for the damage. An increased $1000.00 reward has been sponsored to solve this crime.

   Any information regarding this or any other crime may be reported anonymously to Green Lake County Crime Stoppers at 1-800-GET-THEM (1-800-438-8436), texted to GETTHEM at 847411, or e-mailed to (  

Chief Deputy Mark P. Putzke
Law Enforcement Liasion to Crime Stoppers
Green Lake County Sheriff's Office
571 County Road A
Green Lake,WI. 54941
#920-294-4134 ext.1140         


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