Ice/Water Rescue #120405

To:              Media

From:         Green Lake County Sheriff's Office

Re/Event:   Ice/Water Rescue                     #120405  

Date/Time of Incident:   02-12-12 at 1:02pm

Address:     South shore of Lake Puckaway, West of the Village of 
Date of Release:   02/12/12                              Release #: 1-1

Information:  On Sunday February 12, at approximately 1:02pm Green Lake County Sheriff's Office received a 911 call from occupants of a vehicle that had broken through the ice on Lake Puckaway near the Village of Marquette.  The caller stated that the vehicle was in shallow water, and no water was entering the vehicle.

   Marquette, Kingston, Dalton, and Markesan fire units as well as Princeton Ice/Water rescue and the Marquette, Kingston, and Dalton first responders were paged and responded to the incident.  Princeton and Markesan Ambulances were also paged and responded to the scene.  Green Lake County Sheriff's Deputies responded to the incident as well.  The occupants of the vehicle were rescued by the Princeton Ice/Water rescue hovercraft and transported to shore unharmed.

   A male and female from Montello were traveling to the Village of Marquette on the South shore of Lake Puckaway from the Good Old Dats resort on the North shore of Lake Puckaway.  As the vehicle neared the river channel west of the Village of Marquette the vehicle broke through the ice causing the water rescue.  Outdoor enthusiasts are reminded that warmer than normal conditions has made recreation on the ice hazardous.

Release Prepared by:   Deputy Matthew L. Vande Kolk


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