Suspicious Activity

To: Media
From: Green Lake County Sheriff's Office
Re/Event: Suspicious Activity (Southern Green Lake County)
Date/Time of Incident: 2:29 pm, Tuesday, April 27, 2010
Address:  Cth H, Townships and Villages of Green Lake County
Date of Release: 04/29/10 Release #: 1-1

In the early afternoon hours of Tuesday, April 27, 2010, the Green Lake County Sheriff's Office received information concerning a suspicious incident on Cth.H, Dalton.  A resident caller reported that an unknown male came upon his property and began to clean the residents trailer.  When confronted the unknwon male attempted to sell cleaning solution to the resident and then fled the location.  The male was picked up by a Brown van. 

    At approximately 3:40pm Deputies located and stopped the suspect Brown van.   The van had the Cth.H suspicious male inside.   The van, registered out of state, held six others, all out of state residents, who claimed to be selling cleaning solution door to door.  The van and occupants were consent searched.  No illegal contraband was found, however, the occupants were cited for failing to have a County sales permit.

   Green Lake County, like other communities, continues to experience an above average number of daytime burglaries, thefts, and sales scams.  A common criminal tactic in rural communities is to drop off an individual who then cases a property for occupants or valuables.  The individual is later picked-up by a different car with smaller items, currency, or narcotics recovered from the theft or burglary.   Many homes are entered without detection.  Some homes are not locked.

   While the actions of the six from Cth.H, Dalton, were not criminal, they certainly are suspicious.  The Green Lake County Sheriff's Office asks that residents continue to report such suspicious incidents and individuals as the problem of burglaries and thefts is pursued by local law enforcement.  

Release Prepared by:
Mark P. Putzke
Chief Deputy Sheriff
Green Lake County Sheriff's Office


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