Press Release: Business Burglaries/Home Invasion

To: Media
From: Green Lake County Sheriff's Office
Date/Time of Incident: Oct, Nov, and Dec 2009
Address: Green Lake County including all Townships, Cities, and Villages
Date of Release: Tuesday, 12/29/09 Release: 1-1
In recent months residents of Green Lake County, including local businesses, have been the target of burglaries.

The residential burglaries have occurred primarily during weekdays, before dark. The location of the crimes are typically a remote or isolated residence. The intruder(s) are targeting cash, jewelry, and electronics. The intruder(s) are being careful to not draw attention to themselves and tend to "blend in" to the environment they are in.

Residents of Green Lake County are reminded and strongly encouraged to lock vehicles, garages, sheds, and their homes. Residents should also be quick to report to local police or the Sheriff's Office any car or person of suspicion. Residents should also report any visits to their home, or the home of others, where the stranger is asking seemingly innocent questions, however, may be using this tactic as a means to assess if anyone is home. Residents should look for and write down the license plate, description, and unusual characteristics of vehicles, also, a description of any suspicious person. Business burglaries have been reported in every communtiy of Green Lake County.

Business burglaries are occurring in the hours of darkness and involve forced entry into the establishment. Cash boxes, cash registers, and safes are the primary targets. The most recent burglaries have occurred in the City of Princeton at the Subway sandwich shop and also in Markesan at Vandy's on Little Green Lake. Businesses within Green Lake County are reminded to keep little or no volume of cash in vulnerable or obvious areas. Neighbors to businesses are asked to report suspicious persons or vehicles.

Residents and businesses within Green Lake County are not alone with these crimes. Green Lake County Sheriff's Office, Berlin Police, Green Lake Police, Princeton and Markesan Police are working together and with authorities from Omro, Ripon, and Winnebago and Fond Du Lac Counties.

The burglaries within Green Lake county have similarities and appear to be related.
Release prepared by: Mark P. Putzke
Chief Deputy
Green Lake County Sheriff's Office


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